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How it Works

How it Works

Save time and money with your freight when you use our online freight system. CourierIT can work as a stand-alone system to arrange a reputable delivery company to ship your customer's orders directly to their doors. We work with Fastway Couriers, which provides a top-quality, reliable, value-for-money courier service.

No pre-paid tickets to order, no need to phone the courier company to pickup.

There is no need to buy a book of courier tickets and keep track of where each one is going. You only pay for what you use, and there are no hidden costs or fuel charges.

CourierIT is able to provide low-cost shipping because we have a large client database which means we have access to bulk courier rates. We pass these bulk rate savings onto our clients, making the online ordering process cheaper, faster and easier. By automating your shipping system, your online business becomes more streamlined and more cost-effective.

How it works:

CourierIT works as a stand-alone system for any company that does deliveries.

Have your package picked up in 4 easy steps:

  Log in to the CourierIT online cloud-based system.

  Choose a shipping option and enter the address details for delivery.

  Add the Weight of the item you are sending not the Volume size.

  Click on the confirm button to print your shipping label, stick the label on your package and wait for the courier company to pick-up.

Easy as that

No calls to the courier company, no different coloured courier tickets to use for different sizes or areas. Plus you can also use the system for freight forwarding.

How our interface connects you to a local courier:

Our system links in to Fastways, so once you have printed your label it automatically requests a pickup from your local Fastways driver. The interface between our system and Fastways also pulls the tracking data through to your login so you can see up-to-date information on where your parcel is, and you can email the tracking link to your recipient.