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Do you currently send couriers out to your customers?

Streamline your freight with the Courierit online freight gateway.
The Courierit cloud based freight portal works to make your freight system work smoothly from order to delivery, saving you time and money!

  • Weight based not volume
  • Automated notification
  • Commercial rates
  • One simple monthly bill

Why should you choose Courierit

  • Nationwide Service
  • Fast & efficient delivery
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Proof of receipt signatures

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Send your stuff A to B

Wherever you want to send your stuff, we have New Zealand covered! Whether that's across town or inter city - get it there quickly and efficiently with Courierit.
We have very competitive rates that are as low as half of other courier companies. So next time you sell some stuff on Trademe or send off a birthday present to a loved one - choose Courierit to get it from A to B.

What our customers say

I'm always selling my old stuff on Trademe and it was always a hassle standing in line at the post office to get the courier package sorted! Then my friend told me about Courierit and how cheap the rates were. The best thing is I can just package my stuff up at home and then drop by my local DVD store, weigh it and slap the sticker on the side - I love Courierit! - A McMahon